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Leflegis was conceived in the midst of tumultuous uncertainty in the Philippines. It was a time distinguishable only by the barbarity of the government juxtaposed against the apathy of the governed. Tens of thousands have been brutally executed in a war against an invisible enemy; businesses big and small were subjected to constant harassment; vocal critics were inundated with frivolous charges or, worse, killed. A Senator languished in jail on trumped-up charges.


Few would admit to it, but these were the darkest days of our history.


Yet instead of raising our hands in defeat, we are among the few who fought. Instead of accepting the status quo, we planned. Instead of going with the flow, we brought to fruition the change that we wanted to see in our own lifetimes. And instead of giving in to apathy or hate, we chose to sow the seeds of democracy.


Our mission is in our name. 


Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité.

The founding principles of democracy.

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